A community pub at the heart of Kemptown

Our pub has a simple approach - to be the sort of pub we would love to go to ourselves.

No loud music, no attitude, where everyone is welcome. Whether you live near by, work near by or have travelled from far afield you will be guaranteed a hearty 'hello' and welcomed to spend a few moments or the whole evening.

Our only requirement of our guests is that they are nice and friendly. (Our licence requires one other thing, that you must be over 18 years of age).

Come for a cosy time. Enjoy a drink, have some good honest grub, bring along some old friends and make some new ones.

Relax and read the paper, play cards, challenge a group of strangers (sorry, 'friends you have yet to meet') to Monopoly or Cluedo or just sit back and enjoy people-watching. You won't be disappointed.

Furry friends very welcome - the paw print on our new coat of arms isn't there by accident.....

This is a pub. Pubs serve grub. You wouldn't go to a bookshop to buy a car, so please don't come here and expect to buy sushi and slow-baked fois gras duvet-ed in banana leaves and drizzled with lavender oil.

We do pub grub. And we like to think we do it rather well. But don't take our word for it, put it to the test.

A full range of sandwiches, toasties, soups, pies, bangers'n'mash, Comfort-On-Toast, salads, burgers, nachos, Ham'n'Eggs'n'Chips, Stews and so on. Good, honest, hearty, comfort food.

Our approach isn't exactly rocket science. If we serve good food and you leave feeling well-fed then you will hopefully tell your colleagues and friends about us and come back again and again and again. 


Free Wi-Fi
To help you while away some time browsing the web we offer free unlimited wi-fi access. Enjoy a quiet pint (or a leisurely pot of coffee) with us (or indeed a full meal, of course) whilst you surf away the day. 

Opening times
Sunday - Wednesday  Noon - 11.30pm
Thursday                   Noon till midnight
Fri & Sat                   Noon till 1am

(But please leave quietly. We like our neighbours and want their lives to be peaceful).